Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: A man with a Power Ranger obsession

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By CODY McGEHEE, Ranger Reporter:

This week we spotlight a YouTuber who is not new to the game, but may be new to you. His name is Kevin Bianchi, but he is better known as KevinTheDirector and, yes, it is all one word. Kevin is a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, where he majored in video production.

I meet Kevin at RTX in 2015. He supports other people and has a lot of energy. Something he does that is unique to his channel is making CMV (Cosplay Music Videos) at the conventions he attends. He is also one of the only videographers who will give cosplayers the video clips they appear in for free. This has gained him a lot of traffic and views in the pop culture world, and he currently has 3,400+ likes on Facebook and 2,700 subscribers on YouTube.

“My hope this year isn’t just to make CMV but to branch out and do skits. I have many plans to continue to attend conventions but while I am in attendance I am going to get some of the participants to help out with some great ideas,” Kevin said.

Kevin is a Power Ranger enthusiast. I traveled to his house a few months ago and I have to say that I have never seen anyone as into the series as he is.

Kevin not only has KevinTheDirector, but he also works for a local furniture company as a videographer and is the co-owner of Nothing Better to Do Media, a new company. He has teamed up with IAB Studios and hopes to grow in the commercial market as well.

Kevin continues to grow not just as a videographer, but also as a man as he follows his dreams in the media industry.

Kevin said, “My overall goal is to make badass YouTube videos and to work with as many creative content creators and cosplayers as possible.”

Don’t miss out if you plan on attending PAX South this year in January. Kevin will be there. Just look for the guy with the DJI Ronin and the Atlis Camera Support System.  I hope you enjoyed learning about this great YouTuber and don’t forget to find Kevin on YouTube and Facebook with the links below.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KevinTheDirector

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KevinTheDirector

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