Students channel emotion through photography

Photo by Paul Montgomery

In Rene West’s Fundamentals of Photography class, students learned about social responsibility through an assignment to document the plight of the homeless in Amarillo.

Channeling the style of Dorothea Lange’s work during the 1930s with Roosevelt’s Farm Security Administration, the photos capture the people that local organizations help feed and clothe.

Students said the project gave them compassion for their subjects and a better understanding of the problem of homelessness and what can be done to help.

Through this assignment, students also learned the power of photography.

“It’s my hope that I captured one image that makes you feel something,” Gene Sockwell, a photography major, said.

“I’m not looking for a particular feeling, but one that is genuine to you and your beliefs. I may feel sympathy and you may feel anger, but we are both feeling something and, if that happens, I consider this a success,” Sockwell said.

Photos below by Paul Montgomery.

Photos below by Gene Sockwell.


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