Smart cookies take honors classes

By MATTHEW RIVERS, Ranger Reporter:

The fall semester is ending, and students are gearing up to register for new spring classes. Among the choices are honors sections in various subjects.

“The honors classes are offered in a variety of subjects, most of them being in the general education core,” said Lesley Ingham, the honors program coordinator.

“Students can self-enroll, or with the help of their advisers, enroll in an honors class if they have a 3.0 GPA or above, or if they come right out of high school and have a 90 average or above.”

Clarissa Clifford, a biology major, has taken several honors classes this semester.“I feel like I have met so many great people, and my classes are really interesting and challenging enough that I don’t get bored. A lot of honors classes have a lot of projects, and so there’s going to be a big project for each class,” Clifford said.

However, honor classes can be harder to find, and consequently enroll in, compared to regular classes. “I’m actually having trouble finding honors classes. I’ve only found two so far,” said Chelsea Rhodes, a social work major.

Some students said they fear honors classes would be more difficult or time consuming, but students who have taken honors courses said not to worry.

“I would say don’t be intimidated. It’s not actually more work. You do the exact same amount of work. You might have to think a little bit deeper because the professors expect a little bit more, but I would say go for it. Just try one class and see if you like it, especially if you are a student who wants to know your professor,” Rhodes said.

Some students have been wondering what the difference is between the classes.

“It will appear on their transcript that a particular class has an H on it, meaning that it was an honors class. Basically, at Amarillo College that just means that it is a bit accelerated and it’s a bit smaller. The students that are in those classes are prepared to work faster and harder,” Ingham said.

“Professors can have more freedom to create interactive and creative projects that the students work on. Every student that I have talked to that took honors classes wants more honors classes.”

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