Teaching social responsibility improves students’ futures

Illustration by Destiny Kranthoven


Colleges should start considering teaching social responsibility. Students who develop an understanding of social responsibility are prepared to be ethical, engaged citizens.

Students should view learning about social responsibility as a personal investment on the road to becoming an upstanding individual.

According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities, it is crucial to require social responsibility education. “We know we can teach students organic chemistry, but if that is all we do, then we have failed them. If, in the process, we don’t also teach students about passion and the relationship between passion and responsible action, then we leave them dulled,” according to the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Not only does learning social responsibility benefit students, it forms the people entering in our society into upstanding citizens. With these required assignments, we are allowing students to learn what they can do to be socially responsible in their everyday lives.

You can learn things such as the importance of volunteering for your community and the importance of giving back.

Do I believe that we should continue to require social responsibility assignments students must complete while in college? Yes. Teaching social responsibility serves as a huge asset to our society by improving our lives.

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