Election result reactions across campus

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By KALEB PAFFORD, Ranger Reporter:

The conclusion of the 2016 presidential election has left some mixed feelings among Amarillo College students, ranging from content to uncertainty and even apathy. “I am satisfied,” said Brandon Staley, a computer engineering major. “Trump could get the state of the economy back on track.”

An opinion that Staley and other Trump supporters have is that Trump, with his business experience, could easily correct the strong blows our economy has been hit with, and even some politically neutral students agree with Staley’s view on Trump.

Engineering major Andy Perry said, “I don’t think we had any good options, but I want to see if Trump does anything positive for the economy.”

Other students who disagree with Staley and Perry’s point of view argue that Trump didn’t manage his money well during the campaign season.

“He lost some of his money really quick, so he would probably blow America’s money real, real fast,” said Bella Hernandez, an education major.

Although some students believe that Trump will solve the economic issues in America, others believe he will only cause more; there are also students who have no opinion because they don’t think their vote mattered.

“I don’t really have an opinion. I didn’t vote, or pay attention to what was happening much because my friends and I felt like our opinion doesn’t matter,” said Stacy Rodriguez, an education major.

Some don’t think the results will affect them, like Victor Quintana, a business administration major, who said that the president elect “doesn’t really matter to me… it depends on the decisions made in the future, but it doesn’t really affect me right now.”

Despite the differing viewpoints, Amarillo College students seem to be able to agree on one thing–the nation will just have to see what’s to come in the upcoming years.

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