Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint | Dragons Halloween Ball wraps up 17th year

By CODY McGEHEE, Ranger Reporter:

Last week I experienced an event like no other. Most of my readers and followers on YouTube know that I attend many different conventions all over the country–mostly pop-culture, comic book and anime conventions. With that said, I got a call a few weeks ago from my friend and colleague, KevinTheDirector, out of Houston. (For those who don’t know, Kevin is co-owner with me of Nothing Better to Do Media, one of the companies that makes ZV2 possible.) Anyhow, Kevin told me he was headed to the Halloween Ball for the Dragons Ball Society. He asked me to come help do some video work with him.

The day of the event, we headed over to the Bomb Factory in downtown Dallas where the event was going to be held. We pulled out our equipment and started doing some behind-the-scenes shooting, and I found out that there were body painters coming in for a performance later that night that I was promised would be outstanding. From that moment on, I knew that this event was going to be like no other I have ever attended.

Later that afternoon, we went to lunch and met up with some of our friends including That Nerdy Girl Julia and MeanMug. We spent some time unloading our SD cards and just relaxing in a wonderful hotel provided by the event. Then it was time to head back to the Bomb Factory to get the last of the behind-the-scenes footage. The art work that the body painters did was phenomenal. The artists managed to take beautiful people and turn them into butterflies. The performers were all wonderful people and, after spending hours with them, I found friends I can can honestly say are unique and worthwhile people.

The event began, and hundreds of people came together to support the Dragons Ball Society. The stage performances were amazing, the DJ’s were on point and the company…well, let’s just say we all had a blast.

Founder of Dragons Ball Society Dan Luna is a man with a dream to support the arts and his community. The proceeds from this event go to support children’s programs like the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs and workshop opportunities for aspiring artists. Much of the stage that was at the Halloween ball was hand built by partners, volunteers and supporters of the society. Luna has said that his whole goal is to touch lives. He said he hopes that even after he is gone, that this society continues to support local artists, performers and children. It’s important to him that his legacy continues to grow with no end in sight.

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