Savvy students seeking semester survival strategies


By now, it is safe to say the majority of the student body survived midterms. There’s no way to make this time in your life easy or fun, but there are definitely things you can do to make midterms more bearable.

Pulling all-nighters becomes normal in college; everyone does it, but some prepare better than others. Those who truly plan for all-nighters know a pen and paper is the bare minimum to surviving.

Over the last few semesters, nursing student Amelia Gonzales said she has become a pro at staying up all night, giving most of her praise to coffee. Gonzales knows the importance of sleep, saying a nap is step one to a “successful all-nighter.” Once the nap is out of the way, Gonzales begins her sleepless night by consuming coffee. “Black coffee and water keep me alive; I consume three to five cups when I pull an all-nighter. Once the coffee kicks in there is no stopping me,” says Gonzales.

While coffee is one of many keys to surviving an all-nighter, Stephanie Sanchez, mass media major, included headphones and snacks to her list.

“Playing my favorite playlist while my headphones are set to loud keeps me awake. Every now and then, I have dance sessions to shake off the sleep demons.”

Sanchez has learned that coffee alone just isn’t enough, which is why she stocks up on sugar.

“Peppermints, hot Cheetos, Starbursts and Blue Bell ice cream should be the official starter pack for an all-nighter.”

Zach Pham, criminal justice major, said, “I’m used to staying up late,” making it easy for him to push through a night of studying. Pham struggles with staying awake during the afternoon hours after a long night, saying he has learned life hacks to overcome the crash by drinking fruit water and taking a few naps.

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