Things that go Trump in the night

By RAZ RASMUSSEN, Ranger Reporter:

Millions of Americans have spotted Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walking through their neighborhoods ringing doorbells lately. It’s not a last-ditch campaign effort—it’s just Halloween.

Once every four years, political characters rise up as costumes for Halloween, and this year is no different.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were already celebrities before this year’s election. Both made excellent subjects for Halloween attire.

“They’re both pretty recognizable so you’ll probably see some people getting pretty creative,” said Ryan Chapman, a business major, said. “They’re easier to make fun of.”

Trump, Clinton and even a few Bill Clintons will be roaming our streets the night of Oct. 31.

The candidates seem to be coming in all shapes and sizes. “I see a lot of political costumes already because of my job,” Chapman said. “I set up bounce houses for festivals and parties. I’ve seen kids dressed up. I had a kid the other day that had a gigantic Trump mask. It was hilarious and creepy looking.”

Candidate costumes have been a popular item at local stores this Halloween season.

“We had one couple where she was the beauty contestant and he was Trump as the escort, so that was funny,” Patricia Rhyne, co-owner of Costume Castle, said.

“You don’t get Halloween by an election year a lot, especially an election like this one, and they’re such jokers anyways,” Rhyne said.

The political products have sold quicker than expected, according to store owners.

“They sold the day that we got them,” said Silvia Valenzuela, a manager at Card and Party Factory. “I literally opened up the box, priced them, put them out here. I came back because a lady was asking about them and they were gone.”

Valenzuela said the first items to sell out were the candidate heads. “They really really loved them because they were oversized.”

“We actually sold out of Trump first, then Hillary,” Valenzuela said. “Then we got the little masks in, and as you can see, we don’t have any more and it’s the same way.”

Both Valenzuela and Rhynes said they love Halloween and hope to keep the holiday fun and happy—unlike the current election.

“Let’s not make it into something ugly,” Valenzuela said. “Let’s continue to enjoy and share. It’s a time to share with your neighborhood.”

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