Fall break arrives

By ADRIAN KEMP, Ranger Reporter:

Students say they are excited for the upcoming fall break Oct. 17 through 23. Some plan on being lazy and playing video games, while others won’t let the break slow them down.

Jescan Blanco, a computer engineering major, has a simple plan for the week off from classes. “Sleep, sleep, and oh yeah sleep,” Blanco said.

Other students said they plan to use the time to put the stress behind them.“I have friends coming from out of town so we are going to meet up. There are quite a few new movies we haven’t seen so we are going to watch a couple,” Cole Richardson, an animation major, said.

Students aren’t the only ones who need time away from school. Some professors said they are eagerly anticipating the week off from classes. Most professors will use the time off to prepare for the next eight-week term. “I will be getting ready for my second eight week classes which are F.Y.S. and Honors General Psychology,” Dr. Beth Rodriguez, a psychology professor, said. “I’ve taught the classes before but I have to learn the new material to make sure I know what I’m doing. Also I get to catch up on grading assignments.”

Rodriguez added that she will won’t devote the entire week to working. “I have a chance to clean up the house and the fun part–I get to coach my second grader’s basketball,” Rodriguez added.

This is the first time AC has had a fall break, and all classes will get the week off regardless of whether they are 16 or 8 week. Students can register for the second set of eight week classes during the break.

All services will be open during the break including the library, bookstore, financial aid and advising center.

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