Cultural excursion expands horizons

Courtesy photo. Art History Professor, Mark Morey, tours Scholars through the Dallas Museum of Art on a previous trip.

By LIZ MOORE, Ranger Reporter:

The Amarillo College Presidential Scholars are preparing to learn about arts and culture. With their arts excursion on Oct. 14 and 15, the Scholars will visit the Dallas Museum of Art and attend a performance by the Dallas Symphony.

“I always like going to museums, even though where I come from there aren’t that many museums, so there’s not much to see,” said Karen Rivas, an education major.

“It’s really interesting to go to these large scale museums and have somebody talk it through with us so we understand what the painting means and not just look at it blankly.”

At the Dallas Museum of Art, the students will be accompanied by Amarillo College art history professor, Mark Morey. Morey will explain the paintings, as well as their history, to the students.

In September, Morey led the group on a tour of the Amarillo Museum of Art.

Taylor Gray, a biology major, said, “I’ve come to really appreciate art. I think it’s something that goes by and people don’t give it as much praise as they should, and I want to know a little more about it and how it came to be and to respect it.”

After visiting the art museum, the Presidential Scholars will also be attending a live symphony performance of Tchaikovsky #6 that Friday evening.

“Presidential Scholars is a small learning community of the top academic performers,” said Honors Program Coordinator Lesley Ingham.

They take on leadership roles around campus, and while on their international trips, they volunteer.

The students come from the top 10 percent of area high school graduates, and 15 new students are accepted into the program each year.

During their local trips, the students get many learning opportunities. The scholar’s theme of cutural idenitity has allowed for them to gain more knowledge on art and artists.

“A large part of it is the museums, to show the students a variety of culture because (Morey) will be talking about not only the history of the painter but the history of the painting itself,” said Rivas.

“A lot of the art has history and stuff like that that can in some way or another relate to our studies in college and just in general,” Mercedes Rivera, a biology major said. “I’m hoping to gain more of everything.”

“I’m hoping to have a good time with all my friends from Presidential Scholars, experience some culture and broaden my mind a bit,” Clarissa Clifford, a biology major, said.

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