Christian band ‘Kings Kaleidoscope’ drops F-bomb in latest album

By MONTANA SELMAN, Ranger Reporter:

The F-word is not something you expect to hear on a Christian rock album, but for the lead singer of King’s Kaleidoscope, Chad Garner, it may not be so out of place.

Kings Kaleidoscope is a multi-genre band originally based out of the now-closed Mars Hill Church,  a Seattle megachurch that disbanded in 2015.

With their unique blend of rock, R&B, electronic and orchestral sounds; this 10-man  conglomerate led worship at Mars Hill church for many years along with other well-known bands, including Saints and Citizens. With a newfound independence, the band released their first LP, “Becoming Who We Are.”

Garner referred to the album as a flushing out of all their creativity from their days at Mars Hill. During the next year, the band started to figure out “who they were” lyrically and stylistically. After many months of recording in a make-shift home studio, their next true project, “Beyond Control,” was born. The theme of the entire album goes along with its title––talking about not setting limits for yourself and God, and about being genuine. Out of this mindset came the inspiration for one of the tracks on this album.

This particular song, simply called “A Prayer,” is a song about deep distress and confusion. The composition of this song reflects that notion with its ambient, reverberating backtrack and shaky vocal lines.

The most ‘horrifying’ part of the song for some listeners is its use of the dreaded F-word.  The word is used multiple times: “Will I waste inside the silence where my fear is f-ing violent?” Real Christianity is about realizing how much we as humans suck, and how good God is; it is not about proclaiming other people’s flaws.

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  1. Lol…this is the silliest reason to condone cursing which the Bible is very clear on. Sad that the stain of the world has infected their thinking that they feel the need to place a punctuation on a sentence like the F word. Its as if they wont be taken serious by the world if they dont curse. Cursing is of the world and believers are supposed to be above that. James says to not keep a tight rein on your words says your fith is worthless

    Col 3:8. Eph 4:29, Eph 5:4, Jam 1:26, Jam 3:10,

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