Natural leader steps up

By Kaleb Pafford, Ranger Reporter:

“A good leader should be a servant,” said Dr. Frank Sobey, the newly appointed dean of the Amarillo College arts and sciences division.

Sobey, who began his new position this semester, describes himself as such. “It is important to me that I do a good job,” said Sobey, former chair of the English department.

Sobey has been a part of the AC faculty for 10 years. Growing up, he always wanted to teach. “I never imagined being out of the classroom,” he said.

Sobey, like many students, changed his major a number of times before settling on literature.

When Sobey became the English department chair, he came to the realization that the faculty needed support, and continues to use this philosophy in his new role.

As dean, Sobey has taken on a whole new set of responsibilities. Now he oversees multiple departments, which he believes are the heart of education.

“Frank knows how to cut through the BS and get to the problem,” said Joseph Holmes, Writer’s Corner tutor.

Much of his new position focuses on taking care of conflicts and problems that are brought to him; solving these issues is his way of paving a path to success for faculty, and in turn, students.

Sobey said that he hopes to help students find a path, find their passion, move on to a four year university, and take full advantage of the tools at AC.

Becky Easton, assistant professor and former dual-credit coordinator for English, is replacing Sobey as the English department chair. English instructor Bryant Manning will take over Easton’s dual-credit coordinator duties.

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