Students enjoy free advice, free goodies

Photo by Ramona Salgado. Students enjoy the annual Resource Fair in the Oschger Family Mall.

By MICAH SMITH, Ranger Reporter:

Freedom rang on Monday, September 19 as students were invited to celebrate Constitution Day and to learn about the resources that AC has to offer them. From 9 a.m. to noon, the Oeschger Family Mall was lined with booths in anticipation for Amarillo College’s annual resource fair and Constitution Day celebration.

Students walked away with more than free doughnuts and coffee catered by Roaster’s; they walked away with knowledge of the opportunities that were accessible to them and of the document that promotes their freedom.

“There is a lot to offer the students outside of AC and at AC,” said Sandra De La Rosa, student loan coordinator.

One on-campus resource that is available to students is the financial aid office.

“We assist with FAFSA applications, grants and loans,” said De La Rosa. “We also offer hands-on help and any assistance that the students need within the year.”

From finances to free legal advice, there is a variety or resources that can be found to suit a variety of unique needs and interests on campus.

“We offer ways to build your credit without needing to have a co-signer and how to help you get a good start,” said Gypsy Austin, branch manager of the Education Credit Union.

Other resources, like emotional and academic support, are also offered to AC students. “The resource I use the most would be the free tutoring,” Shawrlette Uy, a business administrative student said.

The resource fair and Constitution Day were a celebration of freedom and free things. While various organizations offered free goodies, they also offered their services and opportunities that are available to every AC student.

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