Blackboard app provides convenience; flexibility

Courtesy Photo. Blackboard is available for multiple devices.

By SAVANNAH TARBET, Ranger Reporter:

The Blackboard app, available on smart phones and tablets, helps students to stay connected with their classes.

Students log into the app using their normal AC connect log-ins and are able to access most of the content available on the normal Blackboard website.

“I really like the Blackboard app because in one of my classes our homework involves posting on discussion boards. The app makes it really easy to just do it on my phone without going through the hassle of getting on a computer,” said Shelby Hensley, a business major

The Blackboard app sets up students’ classes on a dashboard setting, allowing the user to access content in each of their classes, and it changes when you enroll in new classes or drop other ones, just like the website does.

“The Blackboard app is okay, I do use it sometimes; but in most of my classes, we take a lot of online quizzes and you aren’t able to access the quizzes or tests on your phone or tablet. Since that’s what I mostly use Blackboard for I’d just rather use my Mac over my phone,” said Zeljka Pap, a criminal justice major.

Not all course content can be accessed through the Blackboard app, such as timed quizzes and tests, which does affect how many students use the app.

“I definitely use the Blackboard app, and I like it a lot. It sends me notifications when my teacher adds new content like exam study guides, and it tells me when my teacher has posted new grades for tests and other assignments,” said Taylor Lewis, mass media major.

“It takes away some stress because I know my grades, and what I might be missing in my classes the second the teacher updates it. I would recommend that other students get the app, plus it’s free” said Lewis.

Though the Blackboard app has gotten mixed reviews from students and still has some bugs that need to be worked out, it is a good tool for students to be involved.

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