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Amarillo College Student Government Association officers say this school year will be “super.”
Following tradition, the SGA executive board members have chosen a theme symbolizing their plans for the year. This year SGA officers have chosen theme of “super heroes” with a quote “not just a team, but a family.”
“Our super hero theme came up last minute,” said David Robles, SGA vice president. The E-board members were joking about a “Justice League” theme and wondered if there were any good quotes from the show. After a quick Google search, Robles found the quote, “That’s what we are, not a team, but a family” and adapted it to meet their needs.
Robles said the theme relates to the students because, “SGA wants them to feel that they have a family outside of their family at home, and there are people here who want them to succeed.” He added, “We want everyone we encounter to succeed and be the best that they can, regardless if we know who you are.”
Payton Nelson, an SGA officer, said the theme appeals to her because, “We need to become more of a family around the college, not just in SGA but between all clubs and students.” She said the SGA plans to work to unite the clubs and organizations, noting, “I think we all need to be more involved, even at Badger Boot Camp. It needs to be all of our faces not just SGA.” Nelson went on to say that the clubs need to be better recognized so students may be more involved. “Just show up and get involved,” she said.
SGA President Logan Nelson said the Student Government exists to boost involvement. “It’s to help students to get connected before moving on to something else. It’s there to find a support system and to have that support while here at AC.”
“Like our slogan says, ‘not just a team, but a family,’ SGA is my family, we know each other, we talk about everything,” Nelson said.
She encourages students to get involved in any club to “find your group, find where you fit in,” and noted that the SGA will sponsor fall semester events, including a “movie night” Aug. 25 by the Experimental Theater.
Nelson said the SGA is ready to take off with a fresh team of officers who are excited about bringing together a super family that supports all students.

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