A tradition continues

Mike Haynes

Adviser, mentor and friend, Mike Haynes is a man whose impact on Amarillo College is undeniable. Haynes was AC’s student media adviser and instructor. He retires this month after many years of service, but his contributions to Amarillo College, the Matney Mass Media Program and journalism education will continue.
Haynes has been a remarkable student media adviser for various reasons, one being his patience and consistent passion for his students. While at AC (and Texas Tech before that), he often worked late hours to guarantee the newspaper staff made deadline–at least got close enough. Haynes always greeted students with a welcoming smile. He made it clear he wanted to know how he could best help those around him succeed. Haynes stayed calm despite the stress and conflict typical of most newsrooms. He maintained his sense of humor, dedication to the First Amendment and his love of the AP Stylebook regardless of the various pressures that arose. Calmly, Haynes guided his students toward understanding and appreciating journalism; while at the same time allowing us to make editorial decisions and learn from our mistakes.
In addition to his genuine nature, Haynes has an extensive knowledge of The Beatles–which undoubtedly adds to his wonderful authenticity. He is an honest, humble and honorable man. He may have retired, but his legacy and impact on AC will continue. We, The Ranger staff, cannot thank him enough. In the words of The Beatles, “I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello” because Haynes’ helpful nature proves he will continue to lend a hand when needed. Thank you Mike, for everything. We love you.
–The Ranger staff

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