Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: Orange is the New Black is back with a season that shocks and captivates

Written by|Ziggy| Netflix has started a worldwide riot with its latest season of Orange is the New Black. I have been following this series since the start and I have seen a lot happen, but season four of this series is the most shocking yet.

This Netflix Original is based on a true story from Piper Kerman’s book based on her alter ego Piper Chapman and her experiences serving her sentence at IFC Danbury. This season the show reveals what happens when a group of women serving time are treated unfairly. The season is full of action, passion and even a murder plot. We see from the start that even famous people are not immune from the law as the prison gets a celebrity inmate. New relationships begin between a few unlikely people from previous seasons, and, with the help of the celebrity convict, a corrections officer brings back a prisoner unjustly sent to maximum security during the last season.

We see C.O. Healy play out his childhood and learn more about his mother and we discover how he became a counselor. We see a new captain of the guard take the power from the warden and control the other COs with loyalty and fear. The season ends as strongly as it opens–leaving us with a cliffhanger–an unlikely character holding a gun and the whole facility on the verge of a riot.

If you have not seen Orange is the New Black, I would say you need to start from the beginning. The series shows that even at the core of punishment, there are times where things are taken too far. Netflix with the help of Kerman and her novel, have brought a wonderful story to life. Although intended for mature audiences, the series captures the true nature of humanity and brings home the fact that we are all people who deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of past actions.

If you are new to the show, I hope this review has inspired you to watch this amazing series, and I ask of you only one thing. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. No matter what someone else has done to you, always understand that there is a reason for what happens in your life and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. For this week I hope you have a light on your path that guides you where you plan to go and that you keep your hopes and dreams alive. Love, peace, and happiness everyone and until next time.


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