Netflix binging leads to your grades dwindling

You may feel lost, academically, socially, mentally, or literally. You may feel as though you are drowning in course work, scheduling, balancing a social life, and maintaining your sanity. College is inevitably is overwhelming, and it comes with many aspects that can be daunting, but we, The Ranger staff, remind are here to tell you that advisers and mentors are here to help you out of any situation you may feel lost in.

If you feel unsure as to of what courses to take, or when to take them, then advisors are there to help. They are paid to help you schedule out your courses to fit your hectic schedule. Also, there are specific advisors catered to your major, so they will understand how to schedule your courses so that you can be the most successful.

OK,kay great, so you straightened out what courses you will be taking and have fit them into your schedule. If you are like most students, once you are enrolled and have your schedule in order, conveniently all of your drive and motivation conveniently dwindles into thin air.

You likely lie in bed 12 hours into a Netflix binge, growing paler and more antisocial by the second, but the episodes just keep rolling. Whatever are you to do? Obviously not your course work. Yes, Netflix, I am still am watching; play the next one. It is only when you catch a glimpse of your

reflection in your device’s monitor and that you realize, much to your dismay, what you have become. Yes, we are talking to you. You know who you are.

Turn off Netflix;, unsubscribe if you must., Amarillo College has mentors who are here to help you stay motivated and keep you from falling into a Netflix binge black hole you cannot crawl out of.

AC even offers a specific club to help students stay motivated:, the Finishers club. The Finishers club began in January 2011, and was created by English Professor Dr. Mike Bellah and four students.

The finishers club creates a welcome environment for students to encourage each other to
stay motivated throughout the year. MembersThey also play games, go on scavenger hunts, go on take
trips, and have dinners.The finishers meets at 1:30 p.m. on the last Friday of the month at Hoffbrau Steakhouse for free appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages and live music. During the meetings members share stories of what is going on in their lives, and the other members help and encourage them.

The next time Netflix asks if you are still are watching, say no. G, get up and get motivated. College is a place for discovery, but positive academic discovery, not discovering how many episodes you can watch in 24 hours. Turn off Netflix, reach out to a mentor, join a club, and then once you have done that, if you have some time, watch an episode or two.

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