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Find your target, aim, hold steady, do not miss and fire. Perfect shot. Now for just one more picture. When you think about it, photography has a lot in common with hunting; you find a target, point your ‘weapon’ at it and ‘shoot it.’

In the Amarillo College Photography Club there is a bit more finesse to the techniques used. Anyone can pick up a camera and take a picture, and anyone can join the club. Tasha Thorn, a two-year member of the club and the current president, said, “yYou don’t have to be a photography major to join;, not a lot of people know that.”

There have been Mass media students, engineering students and a multitude of other majors who have joined the club. It is open to anyone who pleases. One of the club’s upcoming events is Worldwide Pinhole Day on . It will be held on

Sunday, April the 24th. AtIt is then an event, which is open to the public, where one can learn how to make a working pinhole camera, as well as learn how to develop the photos in a dark room.

Members of the club will be at the event to help anyone interested and to guide people throughout the process. Children six years and older are more than welcome to join in on the festivities.

Photo Club membership is open anytime. Meetings take place the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of each month in 314

Parcells Hall.

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