The benefits of study buddies

Salvador Gutierrez | The Ranger Students study in a group in the Math Outreach Center.

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Having a study partner can help a student in many ways. When you study alone, you don’t have the opportunity to get another person’s advice on a math problem or a writing project you may be working on. “The students here at Amarillo College like to form a study community,” said Reem Witherspoon, a tutor in the Math Outreach Center and an intermediate math teacher. “It gives the teacher the sense that you’re working hard. I feel a teacher is more willing to sit and work with you if you are at least trying to do it on your own.”

If you are serious about improving your school performance, having a study partner is a great way to do it. According to, there are many tips you can use to help you and your study partner. For one, your study partner can use flashcards with you and quiz you before a test. Also, two heads are better than one, which means your partner can think of practice essay questions that you didn’t think of. You and and your study partner can switch papers and pre-grade each other. Not only that, but you can meet your partner in the library and study resources together.

Heather Rhoton, a mechanical engineering major, said, “I know that having a study partner can make or break your semester. There are certain things that you understand, and there are certain things that your partner can understand. “The effectiveness of having a study partner is amazing. If you want to succeed in college, find a friend in each class.” According to, there are a number of ways to help when you have a study partner, study group or if you study alone. One of those ways is to minimize distractions.

Whether it’s in a group or studying alone, you need to keep your focus on your study material. If you study with a group or partner, it expands your access to information. When you study with someone else it allows for varied views, insights and information to be shared in one place. It also boosts motivation. When you study with a partner or a group, it is a great opportunity for an effective review.

Salvador  Gutierrez | The Ranger Students study in a group in the Math Outreach Center.
Salvador Gutierrez | The Ranger
Students study in a group in the Math Outreach Center.

You can create mock tests, quiz one another and assist those who may be struggling with the course material. “A study partner helps out a lot because you always have someone to work with,” said Armando Hinojosa, a mechanical engineering major. “That’s like if you don’t know the answer, you can always ask your partner. Having someone to work with can help boost your grades.” Francisco Rosendo, also a mechanical engineering major, said, “I think it helps out a lot having a study partner, because it helps you compare with someone else. If you have a question or are stuck on a problem, you can ask whoever your partner is.”

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