Bow tie break down

Bow Tie Breakdown is a forum for Amarillo College President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart to connect with readers of The Ranger. Each edition, he sits down with The Ranger to give insight on what’s happening at AC. It’s a deeper, more exclusive look into the mind of the man behind the bow tie.

Here Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart shares his thoughts on being a food fanatic and local ethnic foods:

“My favorite is Thai Garden off of Eastern and Amarillo Boulevard. Until very recently, they only did transactions in cash.” “There’s another place called Bangkok Restaurant out there as well. They’re authentic. They’re good. I can go out there and be alone and work on something. I can meet with people at these places. I just came from a meeting with a board of regents member.”

“I enjoy exploring such a growing, interesting food culture in our community.”

Here are Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart’s thoughts on the progress and results of eight-week classes:

“I’m swimming in data right now, and there’s some data I’m really excited about. Our enrollment, I think because of eight-week classes, is increasing significantly from last year. More students are going full-time. That’s a predictor of success.” “I feel like we’re starting to get to the meat of implementing things that are really going to help students in our community, and I’m excited about where we are right now as a college.” “The response to the eight-week classes is much better than I expected. There was a lot of hesitancy on both the student and faculty level, but we did our research and talked to the faculty and students at other schools that made this transition. They said the same thing. They were really fearful of it, but now that they’ve gotten in it, some students only want to take eight-week classes. It’s quickly become a part of the student expectation.” “We’ll analyze the data at the end of the semester and see if our student success improved. That’s ultimately the reason we did it – not for enrollment, but to increase student success.

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