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A new club was added to Amarillo College in the fall. It is called Bash Script Crazy. The club offers many activities, all revolving around technology. Bash Script Crazy is home to geeks, nerds, cyclones and computer enthusiasts. Bash Script Crazy is conveniently headed by two AC employees: Andrew Flores, the program chairman, and Sarah Bruce, the treasurer and secretary.

It already has more than 50 members registered online. “You don’t have to be a computer geek to want to expand your knowledge in technology,” Flores said.
Bash Script offers many things, including upcoming events to get students ready for the work force with mock interviews, putting together a resume and having local professionals come up and talk to the students.

Besides just helping students get prepared for the work world, they also have workshops. The most recent one was a photo booth software workshop where students will be taught how to use their XBOX connect to apply different backgrounds to images.

The next step will focus on how to automatically post the images to Twitter, “the type of thing to get students engaged,” Flores said. Besides workshops, the computer club also participates in activities such as the upcoming HACKDFW April 16-17 in Dallas. There will be more than $30,000 in prizes, 2,000 attendees from around the world and world-class judges and

It is completely free. Coming up in October, AC will host the AITP Competition on campus. More than 300 students and professionals are expected to attend from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. “This will be one of the largest IT events, and if it does well, AC may get the opportunity to host it every year,” Flores said.

Students can find out more about the computer club on the Web page and also can register to be members. “Joining a club allows students to obtain experience that could be listed on a resume,” Bruce said. “It allowed me to make bonds with my fellow students that have the potential to be long lasting. “Plus, it gives you the opportunity to network with others in your field.”

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