Friday Night Football

Written by |Natalie Villarreal |

When it comes to high school, the only thing I loved was football.Friday Night Football probably was the one thing I liked about high school. There is just something about the energetic rush you get, whether you’re in the stands as a fan, in the band playing for the team, on the sidelines waiting to play or a cheerleader encouraging the team. As far as I know, there is nothing in this world like Friday Night Football in the state of Texas. Football in our state is something different and the heart of any small town school.

Friday Night Football is different from college football and definitely different from the NFL. You see teenagers out there playing their hearts out and keeping their grades up so they can star in Friday night’s game. They don’t play for the money; they play to get a scholarship in order to further their education and because they love the sport. Football is the No. 1 sport filled with heart and soul.
Fridays usually start with crazy, insane, hyped-up pep rallies to get everyone in the game day spirit. From students in pre-K to students in their senior year, everyone is excited and ready for the night’s game. Then you go home, shake off a little adrenaline and get ready to go back and cheer on your favorite team and player.

The crowd, band and cheerleaders are a unified front during the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re popular or if you don’t talk to anyone; on Friday nights, you are the fans of your high school football team, and you stand together. When a player falls down, the entire stadium is quiet; every single fan is worried, all standing together to support their football player.
My favorite part of the night is when all the students sing their school song together, win or lose, and show the real support they have for their team. I sure do love Friday Night Football.

There really is nothing like Friday Night Football in the great state of Texas with the tailgates, concession stands, fans in the crowd going wild, band members playing their hearts out and always ready to play the school fight song when the team scores a touchdown. Everything about Friday nights in Texas during football season is what keeps our hearts alive and together. 

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