Tip your server no matter the service; they work hard, too

written by | Valeria Sandoval |

Valerie Sandoval

We’ve all done it; be honest. We’ve all gone to a restaurant and tipped poorly – or not at all. Maybe the table after me will give them a big tip. They’ll make their money by the end of the night. They chose to work in this industry. Whatever excuse you use to justify your little-to-nothing tip, reality is that servers really do make a living off their tips. Restaurant’s normally pay less than $3 an hour when they hire a server. You’re looking at a voided check almost every payday. You are right; servers willingly walk into restaurants looking for employment. Most of them know what they are walking into.

A top reason waiting tables can be so stressful is because the guests have entitled attitudes. Of course you are going to a nice restaurant for the specific reason of wanting to be served; waiters fulfill that need regardless of the customers’ attitude. Some of us go into a restaurant overlooking the simple fact that the person who comes to our table and says, “Hi! My name is, blah blah, and I will be taking care of y’all today,” are in fact people.

Are we well behaved and remain respectful toward the person handling my food/putting money in my pocket? Walking into your favorite place to have a nice meal without the cleanup to worry about is not a crime, but being rude for your own reasons is just morally wrong. This is not an attempt to get you to make a down payment when you tip; just keep in mind your server may be putting herself or himself through school or providing for their family off your crappy tip.

Who knows, maybe that waitress you stiffed is studying to become a great surgeon. Maybe that waiter you decided wasn’t worth 15 percent is working crazy hours to pay for his car. The waiters’ background shouldn’t really matter when waiting tables is just as honest a job as working in retail. Bad servers are easy to find; some are deserving of no tip. But think of it this way: If your doctor can’t cure your cold as fast as you’d like, would you not pay him what is owed for his service? Bottom line, whatever budget you have set for your night, do include the minimal percentage for a tip. Good or bad service, it is service.

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