Intramural program back with warm weather events

Mark Hodges | The Ranger | Calee Follins, intramural coordinator, gears up for practice

Written by | Jose Torres |

Starting to feel a little cooped up by now? Get ready for a breath of fresh air, because the intramural program at Amarillo College is about to start its spring-to-summer events. It started to pick up on Feb. 22 and will continue March 22. The AC intramurals director is asking everyone to sign up, get out and have fun. Starting with NIRSA staging its National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day on the Washington Street Campus, AC hosted a bubble soccer tournament. It is simply playing soccer with a giant personal bubble, allowing the player to ram into the opposing team’s members without the guilt of hurting them. The first event was on Feb. 22.

Next, a tournament will start on March 22 for co-ed softball. Anyone participating will not have to worry about finding a team to join or start up. Participants can join as free agents, in which the system will
randomly place them in a team in need of an extra player or players. The games will begin at 5 p.m. in El Alamo Park. All teams will be informed of their game schedules on March 18, either through the website, the Rec*It APP, by spoken word from other teammates or by Calee Follins herself.



Mark Hodges | The Ranger | Calee Follins, intramural coordinator, gears up for practice
Mark Hodges | The Ranger |
Calee Follins, intramural coordinator, gears up for practice


Follins, the intramurals coordinator, said she is hyped about the softball tournament coming up after spring break. “It is honestly not the sport of my choice, but it is something that I am really into,” she said.
“And I know for sure that anyone joining will love it. Also, not only will I be joining in this year, but I will be starting a team of my own. Basically for those who do not have a team, I will be there for them.”
Mariah Glidewell, a social work major, is a member of the Student Governmnet Association who loves being involved with anyone and everyone. She said she plans to join in with the softball tournament as both a competitor and a cheering bystander for all teams. “I just want to have fun with my team and slaughter the other teams,” Glidewell said. “As long as everyone is having fun and getting along, I don’t mind winning or losing. But in all honesty, my team is going to win.”

Organizers said even if you do not want to play, come by and watch for a little bit. They said anyone in attendance will have a great time. As a bonus, there will be free prize giveaways, so be sure to throw your name in the hat when you come by. The Badger mascot also will be present to cheer on participants and to pose for pictures. All students, faculty and staff are welcome.

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