AC’s new Shumard Red Oak Tree

Written by | Jose Torres

All the way from Glen Flora, Texas, is a new tree on Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus. The new Shumard Red Oak has been planted in the middle of the newly remodeled mall area between the College Union Building and the Ware Student Commons.

Custom Gardens is the company in charge of planting the tree. Weighing about 5,000 pounds, the tree is expected to grow to about 40 feet tall with a branch spread of 35 to 40 feet. If those weren’t big enough numbers, the cost for transporting the tree and installation was roughly $7,200, according to Custom Gardens owner Brooke Furrh.

“I honestly don’t mind the new tree, especially if it is to make the college look better,” said Montana Selma, a general studies major. “Though, not saying the tree was not an essential piece, but couldn’t the money have been used in some other manner? “I don’t think it was wrong of them to get a better tree than the one that was there, but could the money have been used to lower tuition, lower the price of books or pretty much just to better suit the students’ educational needs?”

“I am all about them making any improvements to the school, but I think firstly they should have focused on improving the students’ needs,” said Tucker Looney, a general studies major. “It is one thing if the tree does bring in more attention to the college, like more students or more college income. I highly doubt that spending tons of money for a tree has a point.

“I don’t know how long ago it was, but I could have sworn that we here at AC were going through budget cuts, so again I don’t see the point unless the price for it was hardly anything for AC. Then that’s a different story entirely.”

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