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Alma Bustamante | The Ranger The intersection of 24th Avenue and Washington Street is familiar to most students who attend classes on the Washington Street Campus. The area near the bridge in the background is a common location for students to be dropped off for classes.

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Jackson Street Presents is a new Student Media Web series created by mass media major David Lovejoy. The goal of the program is to provide students with more media production experience and give musical artists a platform to share their skills.

“Jackson Street is not about particular styles of music,” Lovejoy said. “It will have acoustic, rock, country, jazz, hip hop and any other form we can get on. Each week we hope to bring to light something new and different.” Lovejoy and his classmates began developing the show during the summer of 2015, started recording in the fall and began posting weekly episodes this semester. The program is recorded at the Panhandle PBS TV studio. Lovejoy hosts the show, and mass media students serve as the production crew.

“They edit, produce, floor-produce, work with camera angles and talent scout,” Lovejoy said. “Everybody has a job and position and gets involved.” Adrian Kemp assists with the show. Kemp, camera one operator, said working on the show gives him a chance to see things from a TV director’s point of view. “This is a good program, and I wish other students knew about so they could get involved with it,” he said. “It gives an experience that relates to the field that the students want to be a part of.”

Another student, floor director Tyler Williams, said he enjoys working on the show because of his interest in music. “From the perspective of a student who loves music and knows the local artists, it’s great being able to see them doing what they do best,” Williams said. The program supports artists featured on KACV-FM, Amarillo College’s FM90, said Lovejoy, who also is the student music director for FM90.
“Jackson Street gives artists a chance to show what kind of music we have here at FM90,” he said. Jackson Street Presents takes its name from the location of FM90 and Panhandle PBS on Jackson Street. The name was also inspired by a program that the PBS station produced many years ago called Jackson Street Live, which featured live bands on Memorial Park, the Washington Street Campus. Jackson Street Live was also one of the first group productions that brought tFM90, KACV and AC students together, Lovejoy said. Artists interested in appearing as a guest on the show can send an email to kacvfm90@actx.edu or stop by the FM90 studio. New videos are available at JacksonStreetPresents on Facebook and at acranger.com each Wednesday.

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