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Dear Agnes: I’ve been diagnosed with post-breakup stagnation disorder. How do I move on? Before I say anything, I want to encourage you to not let this breakup ruin your view of love in the future. As for moving on, allow yourself to grieve your loss. Too often, people push the hurt aside because it, well, hurts, but that only prolongs your healing process. Cry. Break down. Remember the good, but accept the reality for why it ended. If you truly let yourself process what you feel, then you will greatly speed up the process as a whole. It is a process, though, so be kind to yourself. It’s all about balance. It takes time, but you will one day be able to move on. I’m sending you all my good vibes! Good luck.

Dear Agnes: My baby was sick last week and I missed several classes. Now I feel like I’ll never get caught up. Should I just drop my classes and try again next semester? Full disclosure: I do not have children, but I will try to help out. Even though this is a little late to say, make sure that any time you miss class, whatever the reason may be, look at the syllabus to see what you’re missing. You may be able to still stay on track if you can cover some of the information on your own time. Next, you need to contact your teacher and tell them why you missed. He/she likely will appreciate the fact that you still are actively investing in the class. If you can, find some time to take advantage of our tutoring facilities: Math Outreach Center, Science Enrichment Center, the Writers’ Corner or AC’s peer tutoring. To be frank, you dropping out is a decision you have to make. I can’t begin to understand all that is going on in your life, but I can say that whether you’re moving forward taking 12 hours a semester or three, you’re still moving forward. So keep that in mind. I genuinely believe that anyone can accomplish anything if they commit themselves to the path that will get them there.

Dear Agnes: My friend wears leggings to class most days … well, really they are more like tights than leggings, and she doesn’t even wear a long shirt to cover her butt. How can I tell her that it looks like she forgot to put on pants? Oh, poor girl. I’m going be real … just two weeks ago, I accidentally wore leggings that were more tights than leggings, but I promise that was a one-time fluke! Since this is a recurring fashion choice with your friend, we definitely should address it. You could start off by saying something to the effect of, “If I had spinach in my teeth, you would tell me, right? Because you wouldn’t want me to embarrass myself?” Hopefully she reassures you that she would, and then you can go from there. If you come from a place of lighthearted care, then I doubt she’d get upset. Now, if she continues to wear the not-legging-leggings, knowing that her derriere is there for any and everyone to see, you have every right to make hilarious puns about it. Might I suggest taking on a pirate accent while yelling, “ARRRG, I spot the booty!”

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