We all could die tomorrow – so live your life to make the most of every day

Lily GambleWritten by | Lily Gamble

Live your life. It is the easiest advice a person can give, yet so many Americans choose to ignore the meaning behind those three little words. Any time I strike up a conversation with someone, this idea of “the future” is brought up. We talk about what each of us is dedicating our lives to today to get to a specific point in our “future” – a point when we finally can say, “I did it! I have worked my entire life to get to this exact point. I am now fully satisfied.” Well, that point does not exist. You never will one day be able to feel absolute contentment in every aspect of your life. You never will stop craving more. You never will one day be able to finally add the last achievement on your Facebook wall. Then why do we still live our lives as if we can? We put our aspirations aside for what is more attainable.

We have one life, and we choose to waste it on planning for another life that may or may not come. I do not think everyone intentionally chooses to put their aspirations on the back burner. I think a lot of people do not realize that there is a choice to be made. There is a choice you get to make to succumb to the familial, societal or worldly pressure to live an A-B-C life or to use the other 23 letters in the alphabet to create your own handbook.
The choice is yours, but before you rush to a decision, I have one last thing for you to think about: Today could be the last time you say “hello” and the first time you say “goodbye.” You could die today, so what are you going to do with the moments you currently have?

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