New dean at home in East Campus job

Written by | Natalie Villarreal

They say “Home is where the heart is” and for Megan Eikner, AC’s new dean of technical education, that was the case. Eikner took over the new role at the beginning of January. The journey to her new role began when she was dean of continuing education for the college’s downtown campus. “I would ensure that the college was following the coordinating board rules and guidelines around continuing education,” Eikner said, as she explained her position. That job gave her the opportunity to become involved with the state’s Workforce Education Course Manual executive leadership team. “We all worked together to ensure that the course manual was up to date for the occupational needs of every occupation in the state of Texas as best as we could.”

“I just really enjoyed it, and I’m from a technical background as well. It was the perfect fit for me,” she said. Eikner grew up on a farm and ranch and said that her new position makes her feel at home. “I always had my hands in the technical things. That is where my heart lives so it’s neat to be involved in these programs,” she said. Eikner noted that her background, her work in continuing education and the support of her new co-workers have helped her make a smooth transition to the new position. “I really feel like this is where I belong. I love the campus,” Eikner said.

When she moved to the East Campus, Eikner brought along Leon Guerro as her executive secretary. “The people out here at the East Campus have been great. They’ve welcomed Megan and me with open arms,” Guerro said. East Campus staff members say they are pleased with their new leader. “It’s been a smooth transition; as far as our department goes it’s been great,” said Heather Ann Reese, East Campus housing administrative clerk. “I think Megan has some great ideas that will bring some positive changes to the campus.”

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