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Dear Agnes, who exactly are you? That’s a fair question to start off with! Well, I’m Agnes. I’m your quirky, outgoing fellow Amarillo College student. I’d like to think that I have some unique perspectives on life that enable me to share all of my glorious wisdom with you beautiful people. I’m also very sarcastic and think I’m way more funny than I really am. At the end of the day, you’ll get to know me more as this column progresses, so let’s get that started!
Dear Agnes, I think my tutor at the Math Outreach Center is awfully cute. Would it be OK for me to ask her out on a date? So let’s think about this for a second. Is the Math Outreach Center a place that you frequently visit? If so, then that’s like asking someone out that goes to the same gym as you; it could be very awkward if it doesn’t pan out the way you hope it does and you continually run into each other. That being said, life is short! And if the idea of possibly running into this person on a regular basis doesn’t worry you, then heck, yeah, you should! Who knows, maybe this person secretly hopes you need help on your algebra or calculus homework so she gets to see you.

Dear Agnes, I’m far too hard on myself. I am constantly evaluating my progress and go through phases when I have little to no internal self-confidence. How can I elevate myself so I don’t feel like an enormous piece of poop? First off, I totally get it. Self-confidence and acceptance is one of those things in life that if you don’t have it, you don’t know how to attain it. I would say, as cliché as this sounds, make a list every single day — yes, every single day — with at least 10 things that you love about yourself or that you’re proud of. Start noticing what kind of story you’re telling yourself. Are you telling yourself that you’re a piece of poop, or are you building yourself up for success and acceptance regardless of your failures? I personally like to take a moment when I notice that I’m in a rut of self-hatred and give myself a little reality check. Nine times out of 10, I’ve dismissed all of the good that I’ve done and focused my attention on the bad. All of this boils down to becoming self-aware. Practice will make perfect, or at least progress, in this case. Good luck!

Dear Agnes, HELP! I need new music in my life! This is a true emergency! If you’re into alternative, fun vibes, I highly recommend the Underhill Family Orchestra. If you’re more of a rap enthusiast, look into Hopsin, A-1 and Kehlani. If you don’t really know what you like, you legitimately cannot go wrong with Twenty One Pilot’s Vessel album. I personally prefer it to their newer album. If you don’t want to put any effort into this, go onto Spotify, whether you have an account or not, and go to Browse, then Moods, and pick a playlist that calls your name. Spotify is bae when it comes to filling a music-less void. Of course, you could always listen to AC’s FM90 for all of your funky, new music needs.

Dear Agnes, should I become a doctor and make my parents proud or become a teacher and be happy? Man, this is relatable to so many students. This question is one of the most popular ones I’ve received so far. Not everyone may agree with me on this, but you need to pursue what will make you happy. You are living your life, not your parents, and quite frankly, what parent doesn’t love to see their child happy? So, if being a teacher is what will make you happy, then go be a teacher! If they don’t agree with it, at least you can stand strong in the fact that you did what you knew would make you happy and not what you were pressured to do. I honestly think parents never mean to cause harm when they push their children, but sometimes they just don’t understand. Bottom line: live your life for you and not your parents.

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