President’s institute begins

A new program titled the Presidents Leadership Institute is coming to Amarillo College. Created by President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, the leadership program is for faculty and students to get involved in helping better serve the students and improving the student completion rate.
Lowery-Hart is in the process of selecting 20 candidates he will work with directly to improve their leadership skills. “I have sent out emails telling students, staff and faculty how to sign up and how to get involved in this new program, and right now I already have about 50 applicants and the number is just growing,” Lowery-Hart said. “I am excited to see where this program will lead, and I am confident of its success.” The program will consist of one week of training plus activities beyond that time. “I really want to identify the people that may not be in a leadership position and through that help develop a better future for the college and for the students attending the college,” Lowery-Hart said. He wants the students to learn process management as well as business and leadership skills that can be used in their everyday lives.

“We want the students to become great leaders and role models,” he said. “I will be working with them directly and am going to have them do different projects and activities where they will define what they want to work on as a team. From that, I am hoping the team will continue, and then the next year we will have a new team that will continue to the next year and so on.” Students in the program not only will learn leadership and professional skills but helping their fellow classmates. “I want the students to apply what they learn in the organization to their everyday lives, because that’s what the program is going to be for,” the president said. “It really is a program to help better the students and to help with their completion rate. We want to see students succeed and do their best, so I am excited to help with that.”

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