Nursing program receives high marks

A nursing student practices inserting IVs into a dummy arm.

The Amarillo College nursing program has been commended for the seventh time by the Texas Board of Nursing for its associate degree nursing program. “I am very proud to be an Amarillo College nurse,” said Amanda Leal, an RN level 1 student. It might bring more students to the school because we are one of the top schools.” Debbie Hall, assistant ADN program director, said the pass rate is greater than 90 percent on the RN examination. “We ended up with 96 percent on our last reporting period, and we are in the top 13 percent of RN programs in the nation,” Hall said.

The commendation came after the program was placed on warning status in January after pass rates fell below 80 percent in 2013 and 2014. A news release about the commendation said the reason for the turnaround is more stringent admission policies, a reduction in student-to-faculty ratio and an elevation of the passing standard from 70 to 75 percent and more. Dr. Richard Pullen, dean of nursing and the ADN program director, said in the release that the program owes its rapid turnaround to enhanced teaching and testing as well as intensive remediation from a dedicated faculty. The ADN program since has been returned to full approval status.

A nursing student practices inserting IVs into a dummy arm.
A nursing student practices inserting IVs into a dummy arm.

“They set you up for success in every way,” said Tyler Dixon, a nursing major. “Thirteenth in the nation is pretty impressive. The program is tough to get into and it’s vigorous, so I can see why.” “I think it’s remarkable for a smaller college,” said Sandy Reynolds, a nursing major. “They have a strict regimen and work with students well, and I think that’s why they have accomplished the rank that they have. For anybody going into nursing, I would recommend Amarillo College because I feel like the students are well equipped by the time they leave.”

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