Corporate engagement director to make fun changes to campus

David Green
David Green
David Green

David Green has taken on the newly created role of director of corporate engagement at Amarillo College. “The director of corporate engagement spearheads our efforts to implement and sustain the positive culture change at AC,” said Lyndy Forrester, vice president of employee and organizational development. Green will be responsible for designing and coordinating orientation and non-academic training events for AC employees as well as producing internal communications to promote and strengthen the college’s core values, which are to provide caring through “wow, fun, innovation, family and yes.”

“I have been told in the last couple of weeks my job is to be the drum major for the cultural values shift that is occurring,” Green said. “Part of that has to do with when a new employee is hired, and then for existing employees. “They will be going through what we are going to call our culture camp. It would be a day-long orientation if a person is new, and training if a person is not brand new. Our values and mission – it all boils down to ensuring student success – everything does.” Forrester said her department discovered that the key stakeholders in creating culture change are the college employees. “They must be deeply invested and actively engaged in pursuing our core values to ensure student success and a 70 percent completion rate by 2020,” she said. “So it only made sense to have an administrator within the division of employee and organizational development whose task would be energizing and focusing the AC family on those essentials. “We needed a ‘drum major for culture change,’ and this is it.”

The position is charged with engaging the whole – or the corpus – of the AC family in meeting the core values of “wow, fun, innovation, family and yes.” That is where the title, “corporate engagement” came from, Forrester said. Having spent most of his adult life working as a minister, Green said he was not seeking a change when he first heard about the job opening. “The reason this position really appealed to me was that a lot of the same stuff that I have been doing translates very well to this,” he said. “So when I saw the job description of this, I thought that sounds a lot like what I’ve already been doing.” As the husband of longtime AC employee and vice president of communication and marketing Ellen Robertson Green, David Green was familiar with AC and its mission. He said he was interested in how AC was “working very intentionally with people in the community and how the college has a really diverse population of students, really reaching out and focusing on students who are in poverty and helping them and equipping them for success.”

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