Two recruiters face challenge

Amarillo College has more than 10,000 students and only two recruiters. Recruiters go around to local high schools and explain to students what AC is about. Their main goal is to get the students to realize that AC is a place to start their formal education. AC recruiting specialist Amy Guerrero usually is out on school tours to find new students. She and recruiter Richie Garza also attend college fairs around the Texas Panhandle to help get the word out about AC while also helping students get started with the application process. “That’s pretty much what we’re there for, to have that face so that they kind of start getting comfortable by the time they want to come to the campus,” Guerrero said.
She said AC is a great choice for students who want to stay close to home and is cheaper than going straight to a four-year university. “A lot of students want to get away from their family, but they don’t realize how much cheaper it is for them to come here,” Guerrero said. “We really don’t have a set number, but we see our number at the end of the year and decide if we need to raise it,” Garza said. Because AC has almost 10,000 students and only two recruiters, the process can get a bit challenging. “It can be overwhelming, but at the same time, that’s where we just prioritize everything and just kind of stay on track and schedule,” Garza said. AC offers many things to students who are looking for a specific major. Aaron Martinez, a criminal justice major, was in high school when the recruiters came and explained the opportunities AC had. “I already had a certain major I wanted to pursue, but the only thing that was holding me back was the school selections I had to choose from,” Martinez said. “Listening to what the recruiters had to say gave me a good idea on what I want to do and what school I wanted to attend.”

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