Flag football games help relieve stress

Photo by Amanda Tovar
Isaya Guzman, a nursing major, plays flag football at the Washington Street Campus.

A football, young adults and some flags are what’s needed to create the game of flag football for Amarillo College students. AC flag football is one of two games in which the college is competing in a regional tournament.On the field, two teams of mixed genders face off to see who can score points while defending flags around their waist. When the flag is pulled, the play is stopped and the players reset. “Ball is life,” said Noah Walker, a biology major. He participates in the game in Memorial Park behind the Byrd Business Building and Parcells Hall. Students seemed to agree that the game of flag football is the thing they look forward to most when the week begins, and when it is over they look forward to next week’s games even more. The effort put forth by the students is what will separate them into the team that will travel to the regional flag football tournament. While spots on the traveling team are limited, the weekly games continue into a playoffs starting today. “I don’t want to say I’m the best, but whoever is, I got them scared,” said Ryan Norton, a biology major. He and his friends were playing to practice for the game. Any AC student can play flag football. “You don’t have to be varsity to play flag football,” said Calee Follins, intramurals coordinator. Follins acts as referee for the Tuesday games. The students who attend flag football games said they have something to look forward to until the season ends. “It’s a way to get away from tests and school for a while,” said Tristan Taylor, a sports and exercise science major.

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