Computer club members write ‘script’ for success

Bash Script Crazy members gather to share their love of computer games.
Bash Script Crazy members gather to share their love of computer games.
Bash Script Crazy members gather to share their love of computer games.

A new Amarillo College club is taking its name from a computer programming language called bash script. The group will focus primarily on holding gaming parties, according to club organizers. Club sponsor Dewayne Higgs said students from all majors are welcome.“This would be a great way to gain technology experience and have a little fun while doing it,” Higgs said, noting that he wants “every member to learn that technology is always available for their use.” The club has about 50 members and is focused on recruiting more students. The main motivation for starting the club was to give students a place to hang out and talk about technology. AC never has had a computer club, organizers said. “I feel like it’s the first club that CIS majors can come together and make something amazing,” said club member and programming major Jockson Bilbrey.“We want to have fun, get to know people and make friends,” said Trisha Giromini, a computer information programming major and club president. Club members also hope to bring in guest speakers who will talk about different types and ways to use technology in everyday life, Giromini said. Another goal of the group is to offer training that will contribute to students’ career plans.“We want students to be able to walk away from the club with a better sense of professional development,” Giromini said. Gironimi and Higgs said they have plans to connect with the community by finding ways to help through service.There are only two requirements for club membership.First, students enrolled at AC are allowed to join the club. Also,they need to have at least a 2.0 GPA.The club will accept new members throughout the semester.Members conducted the first meeting Sunday and plan to meet the third Sunday of each month.For more information, call Higgs at 371-5217 or visit the AC computer information systems website at

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