SGA influences live forever

Student voting for SGA.

Some students in this generation seem to believe that talking about or being involved in student government is not important. The students involved in Amarillo College’s Student Government Association think otherwise.

Alma Bustamante, The Ranger, Robert Muncy, a sports and exercise science major, votes in the Student Government election.

Many students are involved or trying to get more involved in student government at AC. SGA is a big part of many of the activities and organizations around campus. The SGA is involved in everything from telling a faculty member he or she will have to dress in a banana costume for an entire day to getting a known saxophonist to perform on campus. The main goal is to raise money for various AC activities in order to better the campus and its students. Student Life Director Heather Atchley has positive things to say about the effect of SGA involvement on students. “Students that are more involved in clubs such as student government are more successful,” she said. Atchley has been the Student Life director for 10 years. She has seen many students come and go. Because AC is a community college, many students transfer to four-year schools after completing their time at AC. Being involved in student government can help prepare a student for life at a university, Atchley advised. It helps students make friends and learn the value of hard work and gives them valuable leadership opportunities. She said it helps students accomplish greater things down the road.“It has that sense of community where everyone can build off of each other,” said SGA President Cutter Love. “It’s incredible.” Love has been involved in SGA since fall 2014 and recently received the award for 2014-2015 SGA Outstanding Member. He said many things are great about being involved in student government but that the most beneficial thing for him was the state convention. Members of the association met for two days to attend workshops to improve on what they were doing. The impact of the convention on students made him happy, Love said. He has seen students go from not being involved in anything to always trying to be more involved and winning awards for their involvement on campus. Another student who is heavily involved in student government is Lily Gamble. She has been a member since this spring and already has made her presence known.She is the treasurer this semester and also won the award for Newcomer of the Year for 2014-2015 while being a part of the association for only one semester.“Friendships that I have made in SGA will influence my life forever,” Gamble said. SGA is open to all students, and the organization always is accepting new people. “Everyone is welcome to be involved in student government all the time,” Atchley said. “I will never turn anyone away who wants to be involved.” SGA members meet at noon Wednesdays in the basement of the College Union Building on the Washington Street Campus. For more information, contact Atchley at 371-5303 or Jeanetta Smiley at 371-5259.

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