New dean position created in Health Sciences Division

Kim Crowley

The fall semester at Amarillo College has created new positions within the staff community. Kim Crowley is the Associate Dean of Health Sciences, a new position as a result of the expanded division. The title was created to, in part, supply relief to the current Dean of Health Sciences, Mark Rowh. “Our health sciences division is such a large division for one dean to manage,” Crowley explained. “There needed to be a little bit more leadership in those areas,” she added. Thus, a major part of the new role is to provide relief and help “keep track of all the programs under health sciences.” But it doesn’t stop there. Despite her title change, Crowley continues to serve as the director of the center for continuing healthcare education. “As we move forward, we’re looking at ways that we can get programs of study with clear pathways from dual credit in high school through getting your degree,” Crowley mentioned. “We want to build those bridges.” One could assume that Kim would be bound to her office with so much work. On the contrary, she is anything but given her involvement. “I’m everywhere, I’m everywhere” she quickly emphasized, followed by a laugh. “In my new role as the Associate Dean, I sit on the vice president of academic affairs council. So I get to work with the overall college initiatives and goals to try to help move the college forward.” Some of those initiatives include professional development conferences, offered to individuals who may already be working in their profession in the medical field. “We’re doing conferences at the hospitals, on the Polk Street campus and even at [places such as] the Methodist church,” Crowley added. “All over the city there are organizations that we work with that provide healthcare education to the community and the professionals in their area.” The health sciences division has a hand on much more than just our college students. Kim and her staff also have a presence in local schools, where they provide knowledge to a younger generation of healthcare hopefuls. “Our department is all over the city, going in and meeting students at San Jacinto Elementary. We’ve also gone to Randall High School and worked with their faculty on CNA programs for the high school.” Crowley has been hands on in her division for the better part of 10 years at Amarillo College. An alum of AC and West Texas A&M, Kim began her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the now defunct Palo Duro Hospital. “My position title and my expanded role in the college as whole is new,” Crowley mentioned. “But, what I have wanted to do and my desire to move healthcare forward is nothing new.” Kim’s biggest takeaway from her work is seeing students succeed. “When I see them [students] graduate. It does my heart good to think that I had a hand in helping someone move their life forward and move their family forward.”

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