Onward Amarillo College badgers

Prepare yourselves for many clichés.Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.54.02 PM

It’s time for several of us to say goodbye as we graduate from Amarillo College. A chapter in our lives is closing, but we can look forward to new beginnings.

Every year we write something for the graduating class. Usually it is filled with sappy goodbyes, and words of encouragement.

This year we wanted to do something different, but we realize that saying goodbye is an important way to close a chapter and move on to the next one.

We all deserve that closure regardless of what direction we are going.

Today, we say goodbye to long nights spent studying, hanging out in the C.U.B, barely passing classes, missing deadlines, and working our butts off just to get by.

I think that we speak for many when we say that Amarillo College has changed our lives forever. It has given us courage to actually believe in our dreams, not just chase them.

Because of our mentors and instructors, we can see what we are worth as individuals. We can see the potential within ourselves to become leaders of our time.

This school has invested in our lives and genuinely cares about our success. There are few institutions that prove this everyday by going the extra mile for its students (we said there would be clichés).

Along with our goodbyes, we would like to give thanks for many things as well. Thank you to all of our friend who just help us get through everyday life. Thank you to our teachers who inspired positive change in us.

Thank you to Student Life for making things fun and giving us a break every once in a while.

Thank you to the Board of Regents for making the hard decisions that keep our school afloat.

Thank you to all of the tutors that dedicate their time everyday to help us pass our classes. Thank you to those special people that serve as therapist for our tired overworked souls.

Thank you to Russell Lowery-Hart, and his sharp bowties, for being the style icon we need, but don’t deserve (#holla).

So we say goodbye for now to our college and our home. We love you.

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