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The winning selections for the 2015 Freelancer have been announced.

The annual school literary magazine accepted poetry, short stories, essays and reflections from students and staff.

Writers’ Corner Coordinator, Charlie Clark, said the Freelancer had its highest submission rate with over 80 written submissions and 80 artwork submissions.

“Each freelancer seems to be it’s own entity. This semester we had a ton of non-fiction,” said Clark. “Last semester we had a ton of poetry.”

Submissions for the next edition of the Freelancer are currently being accepted.

“Just give it a shot. You might get some lunch money just for taking the chance,” said Clark.

Clark said the Freelancer is expected to come out the first week of May. Issues will be distributed at coffee shops around town, the Writers’ Corner and other campus locations.

First place winners received $75, second place winners received $50 and third place winners received $25 each.


Prize Winners (open only to students):



1st—Ingrid Briles, “Then God Interrupted”

2nd—James Livingston, “You Just Never Know”

3rd—Jayce Tabor, “A Night on the Sea in an Open Boat”



1st—Brianna Hinders, “The Leech”

2nd—Dustin Clark, “Walking with Time”



1st—Dustin Clark, “There is no Traffic on the Moon”

2nd—Clara Scott, “Baker Hotel”

3rd—Alexis Trevino, “Hole in Your Chest”



1st—Melanie Davis, Cardinal

2nd—James Livingston, Street

3rd—Lauren Aguilar, Era



Other Selections

Jonathan Espinoza, “Pray for Us, St. Jospeh”

John Pascoe, “Ode to Cat” and “The Garden People”

Deborah Harding, “Full Circle”

Frank Sobey, “at the end” and “In the Distance”

Joseph Holmes, “The Hours of Heaviness” and “The Old Man Is A Moon Tonight”

Jay Long, “Fooled Perception”

Ben Corss, “Not Another Cinderella Story”

Ron Olguin, “The Ethical Ramifications of Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis”

Crystal Nelson, “The Undeniable Wickedness of Mortal Man”



Jasmine Uy, Life and Death

David Golbert, X-Ray

Virginia Bibb, Spring Rain and Little Princess

Paul Scheffel, Divine Child of Destiny

David Castillo, The Cycle

Steven Garcia, Bassman

Cheryl Delacruz, Uncovered Mistress


For more information on how to submit to the Freelancer, visit

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