Spring slump leads to prime parking

So many people lament the “spring slump.” Those weeks right after spring break, when people begin to lose their momentum and start skipping or dropping classes, often are met with shouts of “You can do it!” and “Don’t give up! You’re almost there!”

In fact, several of us at The Ranger have said those very things. We’ve told people to “Just breathe!” and “Stay strong!” and all those other remarks you make when someone is listing off their pre-drop excuses.

But not this year. This year, we realized something as soon as we returned: Those few weeks after spring break are AWESOME.

Illustration by JP Bernal

In the past two weeks, we’ve had computer labs to ourselves and we haven’t had to walk eight blocks from a parking space.

At Carter Fitness Center, we’ve had our pick of machines in the cardio and weight rooms. Free food no longer runs out before we can make it to the events.

We’ve also had the chance to make new friends and start projects from scratch after our groups and lab partners dwindled to zero.

It’s been great connecting with instructors, because we have to explain that we need an extension to finish the parts assigned to those who decided another day (week, whatever) off was more important than their (and our) grades. Thanks. Really.

We don’t miss those of you who have decided to throw in the towel.(Come on; the parking alone makes it worth it.). But if you do decide to meander back to campus (seriously, you’re almost done — it’d be ridiculous to waste the only six course drops you get), don’t come back with the “Just breathe…” attitude.

Yes, you’re in the final stretch, and yes, even if you missed a few classes, you probably can still just call it in.

But why do that? Stress yourself out. Take a few chances.

Crash and burn, and then get up and do it again.

This is one of the only places that you’re going to get away with being reckless, crazy and a little dumb.

Make these last few weeks count. Set them on fire.

After all, you always can relax once you get out into the real world.


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