YouTube channel review: Shane Dawson

A still form Shane Dawson's short film "I hate Myselfie."
A still form Shane Dawson's short film "I hate Myselfie."
A still form Shane Dawson’s short film “I hate Myselfie.”

Get ready, get set, click… Time again for everyone to join me in the world of YouTube. This week we have someone who everyone might not expect to have a review written on. Not because no one knows of him, but because of the interesting content he provides to his viewers. With a demographic of 12- 24-year-old women and more than 4 million of them all over the world, this YouTube star makes our spotlight. Shane Dawson, also known as the man that “hates himself,” the winner of the STARZ experiment, “The Chair,” and YouTube sensation known and loved by many.

Shane is known best for the fact that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. His content can be construed as racist, fascist and bigot. However, Shane has obtained a lot of followers due to his content and always is coming out with something new.

Shane had the opportunity to star on the STARZ series, “The Chair,” where two aspiring film directors got the chance to make a full-length movie. The thing that made this series different than most reality series is that not only did the people involved got to make a movie, but the script was the same. Shane and his competitor Anna Martemucci also were going for a decent-sized cash prize. The movie that Shane directed is titled “Not Cool,” and the movie directed by Anna Martemucci is titled “Hollidaysburg”. Both movies were derived from the script and screenplay “How Soon is Now”. Make sure you check out both movies and even the STARZ TV Series “The Chair.”

Shane is up to some interesting things as of late. Making a parody of Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space,” which was banned and removed by Taylor’s Managers. Stating that there was too much violence in his video. Of course, Shane responded to this removal of his art as an attack. He said it was against his rights and that Taylor’s managers and YouTube had no right to remove the parody, because it was a parody.

Shane also is coming out with a new book. “I Hate Myselfie” is available for preorder on Amazon, Kindle and other outlets. The memoir, “I Hate Myselfie,” is a collection of 18 essays that Shane wrote. He promises that it will provide a funny, yet personal, perspective on his life.

Most people would ask why I am so positive about a content creator who seems to be rude and cruel and has no self-esteem. Yet, I don’t see Shane as such I see that all creators have a way to provide entertainment for the world, and Shane’s is just unique. Take a look and check Shane Dawson, and don’t judge a book by its cover.


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