‘Freelancer’: Deadline coming soon

illustration BY Chris Perez

The Amarillo College English department’s Freelancer is inviting submissions for the annual publication.

Editors are accepting all types of writing and artwork such as reflections, essays, stories and poems. Any student, faculty member or staff member can submit his or her work.

illustration BY Chris Perez
illustration BY Chris Perez

The work submitted must be authentic and unpublished.

“Content is key,” said Charlie Clark, Writers’ Corner coordinator and Freelancer director. “If you can move me, I will vote for you.”

Submissions must have name and contact information and can be emailed or given to any member of the English department. They also can be delivered to the English Writing Lab in 101 Ordway Hall.

The department must have an electronic copy of the work or have a copy saved on some form of electronic media.

In order for the work to be published in the Freelancer, it must undergo a process of elimination (due to space issues in the magazine) by majority vote of the English department’s Freelancer committee.

All the judges are English professors and know about the subject for which they are judging.

“We try to be as fair as possible,” said Frank Sobey, an English professor and an eight-year committee member. He said the committee receives large numbers of submissions for each edition.

Sobey has submitted his own work as an AC faculty member. He said he does it to show how important it is to participate and to show that the faculty cares about the Freelancer.

Most of his submissions have related to his faith and relationship with God.

“You look at it as a whole,” said English Professor Dr. Mary Dodson, an ex-committee member. “Is it engaging? Is it creative? Does it do what it intended to do? Did it meet its assignment?”

The Freelancer showcases participants’ unique work and awards them with recognition or with prize money.

Only AC students are eligible for the prize money, but the top writer based on submitted work is awarded $75. Second and third places earn $50 and $25.

The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. March 27.

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