Matthias: YouTube’s well-kept secret

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Regardless if you are a YouTube nerd like me and have watched hundreds of thousands of hours of content, or if you’re just getting into YouTube and haven’t watched much other than cute cats grooving to the Wiggle song, we all come to the same point.

After a while everything gets boring, and you end up asking yourself, “What can I watch next?”

This week I would like to direct your eyes to one YouTuber you may not know. Know that the information you are about to learn is the Top Secret of Top Secret.

Remember, most YouTubers with fewer than a million subscribers usually do not hit the top video lists unless their content just goes viral.

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With only around 360,000 subscribers, 197 videos and as the winner of Internet Icon Season 2, Matthias takes the spotlight this week.

Matthias is a simple YouTuber who is out to make everyone laugh with his big ears, occasionally dragging his beautiful wife, Amanda Faye, into his videos.

As he states in his subscriber ad, “Welcome to Happiness,” his goal is to make people laugh and release two new videos every Tuesday and Friday.

Viewers should be forewarned, Matthias has said, “I’m not above contorting my face in your visual playground.”

Matthias gets creative by taking mundane things and making them hilarious. Just look at his Maroon 5 – Payphone Ft. Wiz Khalifa (Parody), “I’m on an iPhone”.

Matthias also is known well for his series #ChallengeMatthias, where he collaborates with another YouTuber and they do a challenge. The result is hysterical, but the world of Matthias doesn’t stop there.

Another of his series is #AskMatt, where viewers get to interact with him on Twitter (@Matthiasiam) and ask him random questions. He then answers those questions in a video posted a few days later.

He also produces “5 Stupid Things,” in which he breaks down the top five reasons something is stupid.

Matthias is a secret with great content. He is a truly humble YouTuber and is direct in his way of communication with his community.

If you find yourself in the midst of needing some time with your electronic device smashed in your face, make sure you take a moment and check out Matthias. The laughter is just beginning.


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