Special Edition: Supplies

You’ve got the right stuff

Or do you?

A readiness to learn is not the only thing you need to succeed at Amarillo College.

Double-check your bag every day before leaving home. You can scratch only so many notes onto a piece of paper with your fingernail.

Here are a few of the things you’ll need for almost all your classes. Some, like the planner and flash drive, are no-brainers.

Others, like the cell phone charger, may not seem important.

But after you’ve recorded back-to-back lectures and your phone dies, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to the days when AC actually had a cafeteria. Newsflash: you still won’t be able to find a parking space.

Feel free to rip this list out and add your own items, like ink for photography, a protractor for math, sketchbooks for art and a stethoscope for nursing.

Or, you know, more snacks.

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