From the editors: Things we wish we’d known

We know getting through college can be challenging; we’re students, too.
This special edition of The Ranger was designed to help you succeed.
There also are several things we wish we’d known before we started at Amarillo College, and we thought we’d share some with you.
Without further ado, here is our top 10 list of 10 things we wish we’d known before AC:
1.) There’s no way you’ll pass a class without studying and showing up. Just do it. Besides, you’ll just have to re-take it. Why waste money?
2.) Don’t procrastinate. Setting priorities and managing your time is important if you really want to conquer the semester. Don’t wait until the last minute for big projects. An hour of homework is more productive than an hour on social media or Netflix.
3.) There’s tons of help offered on and off campus, including advisers, outreach centers, financial aid services – but if you have to ask.
4.) Movie life is not college life. All those parties and free time are exaggerated. It’s mostly school, work, study time and maybe going out – if your bank account can get above three digits.
5.) It’s OK to change majors, but knock off your basics in the beginning and you won’t waste time and money with classes you won’t need after all.
6.) Socialize. Someone might look different, but they’re trying to make it through college just like you. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Everyone can teach you something.
7.) You always hear people say, “Get involved in school,” and they’re right. An excellent way is to join a club or organization, especially one related to your field of study.
8.) Professors are not robots; they are human beings, too. If you are having trouble in your classes, they will more than likely find a way to help you. Send them an email, call them or just talk to them in person.
Remember: one-on-one communication is the best communication. Even if you are doing fine in your classes, by chatting with your professors, you might learn something you wouldn’t have learned in class.
9.) Finding a good parking space can be quite a challenge. The earlier you get here, the better the parking space. No other way to approach this one.
10.) Last but certainly not least: have fun and enjoy your college years. Yes, it may sound like a cliché and you may think that’s a crazy idea with everything else, but this episode of your life will happen only once, and you need to get the best out of it.

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