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CODY MCGEHEE | The Ranger Terry Callis photography major

Almost everyone has something they enjoy doing in their free time, whether it be flying a kite, riding horses or just sitting down reading a book.

A hobby can be anything that takes the mind away from the stress of the world and makes a person happy, but for photography major Terry Callis, riding motorcycles is more than a hobby.

It’s a passion. For Callis, riding motorcysles is a lifestyle.

Callis said he became interested in motorcycles when he was a kid.

“Just the beauty of the bike is what really made me want to learn more,” Callis said.

He wanted to learn more and one day own a bike.

CODY MCGEHEE | The Ranger Terry Callis photography major
Terry Callis
photography major

When he was old enough to actually ride a motorcycle and see the true beauty of it, he said he automatically knew this was going to be something he would love forever.

He has been riding motorcycles for about 12 years now and said there’s nothing like driving down an empty road with the mist of the air in his face and actually feeling freedom.

Callis retired from the Army 2½ years ago, and after being a minster for 30 years, he decided it was time to do something else.

When he got back from overseas, he pulled out his old paint brush and became reacquainted with his artistic side. Riding motorcycles contributes to it.

He said he loves landscape and the beauty of nature. Riding motorcycles helps him see the world and nature from a different point of view.

He also has had an opportunity to shoot a documentary about motorcycles.

If Callis could, he said, he would leave everything behind and just travel the world on his Harley Softail 2003 Anniversary Edition model.

Whenever he has time in his schedule, he likes to ride his bike down to Waco, where one of his buddies lives.

Together they go bike riding together and catch up on old times.

Callis’ favorite thing to do after a long stressful day is coming home and getting on his Softail, his sweet ride that has plenty of horsepower.

“Nothing like the wind blowing in your face to clear your mind and make you really appreciate life,” he said.

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