A woman’s body is hers, but what can she do with it?

By Randi Riggs Ranger Reporter

Last year, three Texas federal judges let abortion restrictions, which many have called unconstitutional, take effect.

The restrictions would affect women in Texas by taking away their constitutional rights, making access to a safe and legal abortion nearly impossible.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed into law on July 18, 2013, House Bill 2, which regulates abortion procedures, providers and facilities.

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit in federal court in September 2013 to stop the bill, saying this law is unconstitutional and threatens women’s personal medical decisions and also threatens women’s health and safety.

By Randi Riggs Ranger Reporter
By Randi Riggs
Ranger Reporter

In October, the Supreme Court blocked the law and allowed 13 clinics that were closed to re-open.

While it may be looking better for women in Texas, Colorado is not having that same luck.

Amendment 67 went back on the ballot Nov. 4.

Amendment 67 supporters have tried a few times to get it passed and have failed each time, including this one, but with each failure, they’ve slowly gained percentages in support.

Many people are unaware of this amendment.

If passed, it would ban abortions completely in the state of Colorado.

The amendment states that fertilized eggs will have the same rights as people.

This is including cases of rape, incest and when the health of the mother is in danger.

Say a pregnant mother finds out she has cancer, Amendment 67 would make it illegal for that mother to have an abortion to take treatment and save herself.

This is not only taking away women’s constitutional rights, but it would affect men, their families, doctors and health care providers.

The law also would ban some methods of birth control, including the pill and IUDs.

It would deem miscarriages and stillbirths as suspicious deaths, and the mother potentially could be investigated by the police for murder.

The proposal would take all Colorado women’s rights away and is ridiculous.

Some may wonder how on earth something like this could pass.

Is it a last-ditch effort for the conservatives in Colorado to make a move on the liberals?

I understand making abortions harder to come by for the women who use it as birth control, but taking away the option completely is taking it too far.

What happened to “a woman’s body is hers, and she has the right to do what she wants with it”?

Making abortions illegal and banning various types of birth control is going to make making babies and living off the government rise.

In the end, who is going to pay for all these unwanted children? The taxpayers.

Not only would this take away women’s rights in Colorado, it would make the taxpayers pay for these children.

Texas may not have anything to worry about on this front, but if Amendment 67 ever passes in Colorado, a conservative state, it definitely has a chance in a Republican state like Texas.

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