Shakespeare gets southern makeover

Nathaniel Lopez | Saria Dinkens-Agalaba, a theater major, gets into character.

Mr Downs and his crew finishing set (2)Shakespeare is receiving an antebellum makeover in Amarillo College’s southern production of As You Like It. Opening weekend was last Friday and Saturday.

The show will pick up again today and run through Sunday. All performances will be at 7:30 p.m. except Sunday, when it will begin at 3 p.m.

Stage manager Marie Southern, a theater major, has been doing plays since she discovered a love of theater her sophomore year of high school.

“I just love the thrill of live performance,” Southern said. “It’s something you can’t see on a screen.”

Southern said she’s excited to shake up traditional Shakespeare with theater teacher Monty Downs’ Georgian take on the Victorian era.

“It will be different,” Southern said. “It’s not something that’s been done before.”

Brandon Graves, an AC alumni and UTEP theater graduate, will play the part of Touchstone, a hopelessly vulgar clown.

“Touchstone is a fool, so he gets to say what everyone wants to say, without getting in trouble,” Graves said. “I love playing the character who can say anything and get away with it.”

Graves said his passion for acting began when he first watched Jim Carrey’s performance in The Mask movie as a kid.

“Many people find a release through watching movies and laughing,” Graves said. “Most actors have such an effect on you, it touches you.”

General studies major Joshua Worman portrays Oliver in the production. “Theater is more than going on stage and acting,” Worman said. “You can learn to deal with things like stage fright.”

Even though Worman is taking a theater class in order to earn an art credit, he plans to participate in plays throughout his college career.

“Out of everything I love about theater, I love the people the most,” Worman said. “They are really nice and fun to be around.”

In the spring semester there will be open auditions for the August Strindberg classic, Miss Julie, which will be performed at the end of November through the beginning of December.

Anyone, including those who are not AC students, is invited to audition for the play.

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